Elections are getting closer. FINALLY.

With the longest presidential campaign in history soon coming to a close, I think there will be a welcome sigh-of-relief for all who have seen enough of the finger-pointing and the shifting of blame for the war, and not to mention, the state of the economy, education, health care, etc.

Election day is Nov. 4 – so that means that you have less than two months to make your choice. While I know many people have already made their decision, many others have not.

With so much at stake, having more information could help in your decision-making process. In the Sept/Oct issue of Catalyst, OSCPA put together a comparison of the candidates on business issues.

Both candidates have plans that address major business issues facing the country – taxes, health care, Social Security and the housing market crisis. Both candidates claim they can implement the changes voters are calling for. Who you vote for is your decision. Hopefully, the objective candidate comparisons of their plans for business issues help you in making your decision.

Above all else, VOTE.


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