Let’s get the diversity conversation going

Is your office diverse? Of course it is. Unless you are a one-person office, you have some diversity in your office. Diversity, in simplest terms, is the quality of being different. That’s just reality. It’s not a buzzword, a problem or a goal. It just is.

Then, why is diversity such a hot button today? I think it’s because more people are embracing what makes them stand out from the packmakes, what makes them different and unique. As we embrace our own diversity, we need to take the time in our workplaces to understand and embrace the diversity of those around us. To allow people to celebrate and acknowledge what makes them different truly makes them special.

At a recent conference, a speaker said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Of course, most of the audience said “Aha!” as if he was a genius.
And he just might be. He said you need to look for those very “Aha!” moments every day. Finding out the very things that you didn’t know gives you more knowledge, and more power. You may find that what you know then is more relevant in today’s marketplace. With more relevant knowledge now, you are in a position to be more innovative. All this because you are embracing diversity!

How can you get started? Treat others as they would like to be treated. That’s not necessarily the same as the way you want to be treated. Your culture and customs might be different. By respecting cultural differences, you embrace diversity.

Now it’s your turn! Get the conversation started in your office. Who in your office should be involved in a discussion about the acceptance of diversity?


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