Exercising Leadership

In evaluating the highest attributes of the CPA profession, the market continues to value CPAs for integrity, professional competence and objectivity, according to the AICPA research.

Integrity, reliability and accountability are among the core values on the reverse side of Ernie Almonte’s business card. Almonte took office as the new Chair of the AICPA Board of Directors during this meeting of Council. When introducing himself, Almonte said he always presents the card values-side up, and asks the person to call the number on the back of the card if he ever fails to live up to those values.

In an impassioned speech accepting his Chairmanship of the AICPA, Ernest Almonte, the Auditor General of the State of Rhode Island, urged CPAs to learn to listen to many perspectives. Using a ballroom analogy, Almonte encouraged CPAs to continually shift from the balcony to the dance floor: gaining perspective of a rapidly changing, increasingly borderless world, but then reinserting oneself as a leader and determining how you should be part of the action.

Our job as a profession, per Almonte, is to:

· Adhere to a solid set of unwavering core values

· Become well-rounded on the trends and forces within and outside of the profession

· Communicate great things about our profession to others

· Help others see opportunities available to them, whether they are in international business, or on the path toward becoming a CPA.

Increasing diversity in the profession is a priority for Almonte as Chair.


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