Social media is the newest networking tool for you and OSCPA

Social networking has quickly become one of the primary tools of communication in modern society. Students spend hours a week on Facebook, family and friends create blogs to keep in touch with each other and new acquaintances meet through MySpace.

The professional world is no exception to this trend as sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are becoming more widely used by job seekers and employers to help build connections and screen candidates for potential job placement.

OSCPA is no stranger to social media, and while you may not have realized it, the Society has its own arsenal of online tools that can be used to your advantage in a number of different areas including networking, reconnecting with colleagues, discovering new job opportunities and discussing current issues affecting your career.

The list of sites that OSCPA has dipped its virtual hand in is still growing, but you can participate in any of the current online involvements listed below:

OSCPA has its own Twitter account: @OSCPA. If you haven’t already done so, creating a free account on the fast-growing social networking site where you can post updates about yourself or your career in 140 characters or less can help keep you up-to-date with news, job opportunities and friends.

Once you’ve chosen a screen name and a password and composed a one-line bio, you’re ready to tweet (as posting on this site is called). Simply search the site for OSCPA and you will be directly connected to the Society’s profile where you can access recent updates about membership and advocacy news, as well as a complete listing of other OSCPA media. Skim through posts to find topics you are interested in, and click on links that will take you directly to the information you need.

Using LinkedIn is an easy way to make professional connections and essentially post an online resume at no cost. Creating a bio on LinkedIn is quick and easy and showcases your past and present jobs and accomplishments. OSCPA’s LinkedIn page houses a discussion forum that is open to the public where you can post questions or conversation topics to other members.

Facebook isn’t just used as an online corkboard for embarrassing party photos anymore. OSCPA’s Facebook page is home to a peer-to-peer discussion board where you can post questions for CPAs or discuss relevant career issues with colleagues. Find advice on what to do as a young CPA just starting out in the profession, or increase traffic to your blog by posting notes to other group members. The page will also provide you with links to other topics of interest in a free, user-friendly environment.


The Ohio Society maintains two blogs for its followers.

The OSCPA blog addresses all things “CPA” – from education to news to issues impacting the profession. From this page, read and comment on the blogs that are about you and your business.

Techie Bytes” offers information on all things “Web site-related.” If you really want to boost your social media knowledge, this is the blog for you. OSCPA staff members keep this page up-to-date on the newest ways to organize your life electronically and offer pieces of easy-to-digest technical information for those of us who may not be quite so “techie.”


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