OSCPA candidate screening process provides CPAs with valuable voting insight

By David A. Simko, CPA, Chair, OSCPA Statewide Candidate Screening Committee

The 2010 elections are very important to Ohio’s future and to all of us as CPAs and citizens. In this very challenging economic environment, Ohio needs leaders with proven skills to address its financial problems head on and make the difficult decisions necessary to put the state on a path for a strong recovery.

This election in particular underscores for me as chair of OSCPA’s candidates screening committee just how valuable a resource we have in The Ohio Society’s endorsement process.

Every two years OSCPA engages dozens of CPAs from across the state in a comprehensive interview and selection exercise that spans several months and culminates in a select group of candidates receiving OSCPA’s endorsement for public office.

It is a very thorough, objective and bipartisan process—one in which candidates are invited to confidentially share their views and policy positions on issues that are important to CPAs. Each of these affect Ohio’s business climate, economy and, ultimately, all Ohioans.

This year, OSCPA significantly weighted its endorsement decisions by considering how candidates plan to address the budget deficit and what they plan to do to make Ohio economically competitive again. We weren’t looking for line item by line item specifics, but rather a strong sense of candidates’ commitment to address areas such as making government more efficient and effective, cutting costs, driving economic development, and closing the budget shortfall.

As a result, CPAs across Ohio now have a very qualified resource to study before making the decision how they will vote in the November election. I encourage you to do your own research on the candidates and their plans for Ohio, and to read the 2010 OSCPA Election Guide that was printed in the September issue of CPA Voice. It includes endorsements for numerous House, Senate and Congressional candidates, as well as all of Ohio’s statewide races. Our regional and statewide screening committees spent considerable time vetting these individuals who have pledged to promote business-friendly programs and work diligently to move Ohio back on track financially.

OSCPA is one of the few Ohio organizations that so thoroughly screens candidates for their views. As a result, an OSCPA endorsement carries considerable weight in legislative circles and with the public at large.

Most importantly, I hope you will make your voice heard by voting on Nov. 2. For more information on the 2010 elections, visit the Society’s Election page.


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